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Natural Deterrents for Bats

Bats are not harmful to humans, and they don't attack humans. During the cold weather, they try to enter homes to keep themselves warm. Usually, they enter the house through open windows and doors. Bat droppings can create much mess all around. Bat dropping contains microbes, which can cause respiratory problems in humans. The smell of these droppings can be annoying. Here are a few natural ways to deal with bats.

Naphthalene balls
Naphthalene balls, or commonly known as mothballs, are easily available at pest control. This is the best solution to control bats. The smell of naphthalene balls will force bats to leave your home, and they will never return again. Tie naphthalene balls in a cloth and hang this in your house at some ventilated place for best results.

This is another best option to get rid of bats, the very bad and annoying smell of phenol can help to get rid of bats. Take white phenol in a water spraying bottle and spray it at every place where you find bats or where bats have resided. Keep spraying for 2-3 days; bats will leave your house to find a place where they can leave peacefully.

Aerosol can be easily purchased from nearby pest control stores, simply spray aerosol where bats reside. This spray does not physically harm bats. This is an easy and effective way.

Hang aluminum foil 
Just hang aluminum foil. This will reflect light and will irritate and annoy the bats. This is the cheapest. You can hang two aluminum foils close to each other they will make strong noise by crashing into each other. But don't use this near your room as annoying noise will keep disturbing you. 

This is another cheap and peaceful natural way. Place a mirror in such a position that it reflects light toward bat residence. Bats sleep in the day; therefore, use this method in the day to annoy bats. You will need a light bulb and a mirror. 

Water spray
Water spray is a peaceful method to drive bats away. You just need to spray water in bat nests regularly while they are sleeping, this will surely annoy them. If you are regularly spraying, you will observe a positive result in a few days, and they will never come back.

Christmas Decoration
If you Christmas decoration lights, you will never see bats coming into your house. Shining lights and moving objects will make them scared, and they will leave your house forever. 

Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus oil is the best repellent for bats and insects. This method is very effective, and you will get results very quickly. Just spread eucalyptus oil near bats residing, and you will not see them again.

If you hate the smell of eucalyptus oil, then cinnamon is another solution for you. Bats hate cinnamon more than eucalyptus. You can spray or spread the cinnamon powder near the resident of bats. This method will work against bats.

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