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Groundhog Extermination Tips

Groundhogs can cause serious damage to your building foundation by digging tunnels under it. They will chew wires and can damage the irrigation system. Although there is no serious health risk from groundhogs, they are dangerous for the health of your house. Follow the given method to deal with groundhogs.

Poisoning groundhogs
You can use poison to kill the groundhogs, but there is no specific poison for groundhogs; mostly, rat poison is used to deal with groundhogs. People spray the poison in their tunnels, and when any groundhog tries to pass through it, he will die because of toxicity. But this can affect other animals too.

This method is for those people having good shooting skills. This is not too much effective way, as a groundhog can run away or can enter into tunnel; only try if you have command in the shooting. You can use riffle.

Lethal Traps
There are many lethal traps available in the market specially designed for killing the groundhogs. It is essential to deal with the carcass of the groundhogs. The carcass may contain some harmful and dangerous germs.

Alternative ways

Eliminate attractants: 
Groundhogs come to your house in search of food and shelter. You can take steps to make your yard less attractive for groundhogs

  • Harvest crops like beans, peas, and melons
  • Groundhogs make a tunnel in the covered area, therefore, remove piles of debris, rocks and any other thing which can protect groundhogs
  • Trim plants and grass

Choose a control method: 
Using live traps is an effective way, place live traps near the tunnels of groundhogs, and when a groundhog has trapped in the tunnel, release it any far place from your home. But when trying to release the groundhogs, you must adopt safety measures as a groundhog may attack you.

A pepper-based repellent may help to deter the groundhogs because of its smell and taste. Make a spray of these spices by mixing it into the water and spray this spicy spray around the lawn, and it will keep groundhogs away from your lawn.

Electronic repellents: 
These electronic repellents are used to scare the groundhogs. You can use motion-activated sprinkle; this sprinkle will make them scare by spraying water whenever a groundhog passes. Another example of electronic repellents is ultrasonic sound repellent. These devices emit a sharp sound that can scare them.

Groundhogs can easily climb over fences, But if a fence is properly installed, it can make it difficult for them to climb over the fence.
  • You should install a fence at least 3 to 4 feet above ground level
  • You should use strong wire fencing
  • by adding an outward angle at the top; you can make it more difficult for them to climb over 
If you grow woodpiles and debris around your yard, it can provide groundhogs a shelter. Don't grow such plants if you want to save your property from groundhogs.

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